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Play That Funky Music
By Wild Cherry
Tabbed by Christian Mountney

At the end of this file is the existing version of the bass tab for this song.  Although I think this is basically right the way I hear it is slightly different.

The run at the end of each verse bass section is done by hammering on from the open E, giving an extra note which sounds like it is played fast but is actually quite easy using the hammer on.  The chorus section is played similarly but the run is slightly different.

There is also a small run up to the B flat at the end of the chorus which leads you into the "lay down that boogie.................................." Etc. which is played by the bass.

As follows:

Verse Section                 Pre-Chorus
g------------------|          g---     -------|
d----0-2-----------| repeat   d--- out -------|
a--------------5h7-|          a---     -------|
e-0------0-3h5-----|          e-0-     -0-1-2-|
  1 2  3   4

d----3-5-------3h5-| repeat 4 times, then...
  1 2  3   4

d----3-5-----------|-----8-8/----| then... 
  1 2  3   4        1  2   3   4

  Lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die

...then you're back into the verse.

Following is the existing version:

Play That Funky Music (Bass Guitar) 
  by Wild Cherry

Main                        Pre-Chorus
g-----------------|        g---     -------|
d-----------------|repeat  d--- out -------|
a----5-7------5-7-|        a---     -------|
e-0-------5-7-----|        e-0-     -0-1-2-|
  1 2  3  4                          pick ups to...

  1 2  3 4        4 times   1  2  3 4

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