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SONG: Season in Hell (Fire Suite)
ARTIST: Eddie and the Cruisers
ALBUM: Season in Hell
AUTHOR: Eddie Wilson
PUBLISHER: (C) 1964 Eddie and the Cruisers Publishing (BMI)

This is the title track to the epic second album of the fictitious 
band Eddie and the Cruisers (who are really John Cafferty and the 
Beaver Brown Band).  The album was so ahead of it's time, it was 
rejected by the record label.  After that, lead singer/songwriter/
guitarist Eddie Wilson was thought to have committed suicide.  
His body and the mastertapes to Season in Hell were never found.

G|----------------------------------------|  I didn't really tab 
D|----------------7-5----------------7-5--|  the rhythm, but you
A|-----------5-7----------------5-7-------|  can figure it out.

G|------------------------------|  The verse and chorus bass lines
D|-----5--3--3----5--5----5--7--|  are what the Cruisers bassist
A|--7----------3-------5--------|  plays, very 60's.  You can
E|------------------------------|  spice it up to fit your style.


    --2-3-5-------------------------------|  Whew!!

G|-----------------------------------|  This is the basic bass line
D|-----------------------------------|  but you can ad-lib and do
A|--3-3-3-3---------5-5-5-5-----2-5--|  some slick bass solos in
E|----------5-5-5-5---------3-5------|  the CADG progression.

     Transcribed by: Jesse Miller  millerbull@sprynet.com
     This all my own work.  Rip me off and you will die.

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