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Date:  Friday, 12 April 2002, 10:13:15
To:  lalang, mellocin, jynx, phred, joy

Artist/Author:  FIREHOUSE
Tabbed by:  ces

Here are the intro and the basic riff of the verses that I was able to figure out with the help of a friend.   The lyrics are also included below.  

Intro & verses:

                      G                                    Am7                       G/B                           G

                      C                                     D                                         G

Intro:  G-Am7-G/B-G-C-D-G

Verse 1:

               G              Am7      G/B        G
So you think you've got it all figured out
          C                              D             G                          
Well you know you can't make it alone
                     G               Am7    G/B          G
Everybody needs somebody to help them out
                 C                   D                 G
And you know I could be that someone

And if you ever get lost on life's highway
Donít know where to go
                      C                                           D
There's just one thing that I want you to know

Chorus 1:

C           D          G       C       D          G
I am here for  you, always here for you
                    Em                       Bm7
When you need a shoulder to cry on
          C                G  Am7   D          G
Someone to rely on, I am here for you

Verse 2:

So you think that love is long overdue
Tired of looking for someone to care
Let me tell you how, the choice is up to you
But you know, I will always be there

Chorus 2:

I am here for you, always here for you
When you're needin' someone to hold you
Remember I told you
                                C      D          G
I am here for you, I am here for you

Verse 3:

So now you've got it all figured out
And you know you've found someone that cares
And if you ever need somebody to help you out
Well you know I will always be there

- Repeat Pre-Chorus -
- Repeat Chorus 2 -

Em:   000220
Bm7: x24032
C:      032033
G:       320033
Am7:  x02010
G/B:  x20030

That's all folks!  If you have any comments and corrections, juz email me at or

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